Janet Williams

I have been in the Real Estate industry for over 19 years, first as a mortgage loan officer and then as an Realtor®. You have the advantage of a Realtor® that understands both sides of the real estate transaction. Seeing a family excited about moving into their home and knowing that I helped in the process of getting them there is one of the greatest satisfaction to me.

I am a keen listener when clients share what they want in a home. The approach I use is getting stories of past homes my clients have lived in that felt so much like home that if they did not have to, they would not have left. This gives me a good basis for finding the best home for my clients. I don't rush my clients. I am a very patient Realtor. I'd rather work with clients a little longer to make sure they are delighted with their home choice than rush thenm.  Purchasing a home is an important and big decision to make. Also I give my clients as much information as possible. An informed consumer will make the best decisions in their home selection.